When it comes to Vietnamese folk paintings, many people can name a series of famous paintings that can talk about their beauty, unique, interesting and distinctive features. But if you ask how many people still want to buy this picture to hang, perhaps the number of people who agree to buy it back is very rare. Could it be that a very prosperous art line accepted an increasingly fading fate?

It is also impossible to blame why people are indifferent to traditional heritage. Because of the fact that in order to exist, it must be appropriate or trendy. The good news is that today, there are still many entrepreneurs, designers and businesses that dare to invest to cherish and preserve traditional values, a path that is not easy, a corner of risky investment because of the long-term. Its slightly elusive. They have brought folk motifs beyond the inherent framework but without breaking the original meaning, bringing new breaths, contemporary style, a new life to the traditional quintessence with the desire to revive. once famous beauty.

Today’s folk page is brought with new breath, contemporary style, a new life.

Folk paintings – less must be

In the past, in Dong Ho village, everyone, every house made paintings. But today there are only a few households still trying to keep the job, and the interesting thing is that they still live well with the profession that has been preserved for many generations. They are true artisans, they not only make and sell paintings, but they also know how to affirm their name through giving customers special and unique experiences of the whole painting process, helping customers Customers really understand the story from each work as well as the hidden value behind it.

Folk paintings – less must be

With Hang Trong paintings, now only artist Le Dinh Nghien is the main performer, with the help of his son, so the number of paintings produced is also very small. The stages of making Hang Trong paintings are quite sophisticated and unique, because the artist has to print with engravings, hand-pave paper, and play with colors for each picture. The form of paintings is also very delicate, so it is still suitable for contemporary living space. Perhaps that is why the price of paintings is quite high and the artist still does not rest his hands to keep up with the needs of connoisseurs of paintings.

Kim Hoang paintings have been lost for a while and have only been restored for a few years. The people who carry out the Kim Hoang painting restoration project are careful in each stage and have completed 12 samples so far. The paintings are sold at relatively high prices but are still accepted by collectors.

Gone are the days when people bought paintings and hung houses with folk paintings as a way of life. Now, the person who buys the picture is also the person who plays the picture. They bought them to collect and keep a culture from the past, not for the purpose of hanging Tet or hanging like the old people. They buy because the rarity is not easy to find.

On the other hand, it also requires people who make folk paintings to refine their products, to add other values ​​to the products in addition to the old drawings. From the same mindset, opportunities will open up for those who know how to raise folk motifs to a new creative level, opening a beautiful different perspective on traditional culture without distorting or deforming it.

From traditional art to contemporary fashion

There are many designers and brands today choosing traditional values ​​as the foundation of product development

The use of traditional materials and patterns into products such as clothes, bags, and accessories seems simple at first. Many people think that it is like a choice in many different types of pattern styles. But it’s actually a creative challenge of thinking. The old is put into a new space, if not skillful, it is no different from copying, stealing, or even deviating from the original value.

There are many designers and brands today choosing traditional values ​​as the foundation of product development. Among them is Duyen, a brand specializing in silk scarves. Duyen in Vietnamese means both “charity” and “grace”. With her efforts, Duyen is writing the first pages of a long and challenging journey with all the care and attention, mixed with passion and respect for the old values, in order to create “The predestined relationship” between traditional values ​​and contemporary art.

Duyen silk scarf wants to inspire those who want to return to traditional crafts and arts

Currently, Duyen owns three basic types of towels: square, long and triangular towels on the background of 100% natural Vietnamese cross silk and habotai. Each design model carries independent creations inspired by the archives of folk paintings, researched, distilled and recreated again in a very “charming” way. For example, the painting “Children in District Two” of the Hang Trong line of paintings was filtered by Duyen in details such as horse head, fan, parasol, and rattan motifs to put on a long scarf in a vivid and fancy new layout, but still keep the rustic brushstrokes just enough to recall the old paintings. The painting “Ly Ngu Vong Nguyet” was also moved and placed to follow a new layout with the image of Pisces – the last zodiac sign in the 12 constellations. The quartet of paintings “The female element” with four girls are transformed on the flower background of the four seasons, evoking the pure beauty that does not fade over the years.

The story of reviving traditional values ​​is also told by Duyen by using the skill of the tailor who sews the Ao Dai. Nowadays, few people still wear hand-sewn ao dai. Towel Duyen uses this stitching for the hem of her scarf, which is also an attempt to maintain this fading craft.

Duyen silk scarves want to inspire those who want to return to traditional arts and crafts. Products carrying the quintessence of heritage are no longer something old, just for research or confined to museums, but can gracefully step into contemporary life in the brand’s position. have level. Each Duyen scarf is not only an aesthetic accessory, but also contains a cultural story. And each person who owns a Duyen scarf will act as an ambassador, spreading the story, thereby making traditional values ​​really have a refreshing life.

Post: Moc Mien

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