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The Fashion Business Administration program is your opportunity to delve deeply into the fashion business and professionalize your brand. The program includes 8 intensive courses on fashion business administration and field visits to major fashion companies. The program focuses on the core issues of the fashion business:

  • Master the mindset of a fashion brand owner with adequate knowledge, management and operation skills, enhanced creativity to shape and build your own fashion brands.
  • Understand the development history and characteristics of classic design trends and styles, and pick up a style that suits the modern tastes.
  • Understanding production management and taste analyzation to develop products that stand out from competitors in the same segment.
  • Construct a systemetic and rigorous brand promotion and development plan.
  • Operational management, profit-loss management, import-export procedure.
  • Professional management and distribution of personnel, harmonizing coordination of departments.
  • Pick up the trends, tastes and apply decorative arts effectively.
  • Featured activities such as lesson and example analysis, and practice on realistic ideas so that trainees can develop an overall perspective and implement online sales strategies, systemetic plans to meet the business requirements of the brands and the needs of customers.


  • The Fashion Business Administration program is a highly applicable program that students will be equipped with the most practical knowledge. The structure of the program will help you sharpen the needed practical skills in the fashion and textile industry in Vietnam.
  • You will be connected with businesses through field visits, guest lecturers and research projects that combine hands-on practices. 
  • The program will deploy a variety of tests and assessments to ensure that you fully meet the requirements to become a professional fashion and textile entrepreneur, including tests, assignments, presentations and projects, which can be completed in groups or by individual.
  • The progam ends with a practical project course with qualified and experienced lecturers.
  • After the program, you will master all the needed knowledge and skills to build a prominent fashion brand, operate it effectively and develop a sustainable business. 


• Fashion Brand Owner

• Store Manager/Retail Manager

• Fashion Project Manager

• Head of Fashion Marketing Department

• Product Line Manager

• Product Development & Trend Analysis Executive

• Product Distribution Planner

• Supply Chain Manager

• International Entrepreuner

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