The movie  Sunflower in the Sun  has come to an end, bringing a lot of emotions to the audience not only because of the dramatic content but also impressed by the acting talent of the cast in the film. In particular, the role of Bach Cuc was performed by People’s Artist Thu Ha, with the talent and experience of a veteran artist, it helped the “ageless female artist” to play the role naturally and “properly” of Bach Cuc. This character is “life” and so vivid that many viewers expressed their support for her deeds, then sympathized and understood, shared…

People’s Artist Thu Ha always makes others admire her youthfulness and beauty compared to her 50s

Sunflower against the sun marking the makeover of People’s Artist Thu Ha in the rare reappearance. Different from the previous gentle roles, the actress “Golden Leaf Pearl” once brought many interesting and unexpected surprises.

Play the role of a strong, powerful and scary woman who even commits cruelty to others to avenge her unfaithful husband and her unhappy marriage. This is also a role that is different from her usual personality. Meeting People’s Artist Thu Ha in real life, she always makes others admire her youthfulness and beauty compared to her 50s. If in Sunflower against the sun  she has to be framed in the clothes of a successful middle-aged businesswoman, in her daily activities, the actress Golden leaf jade  has a youthful and very stylish style. . The presence of veteran actors such as People’s Artist Manh Cuong, People’s Artist Cong Ly, Excellent Artist Duc Trung, Excellent Artist Pham Cuong, Artist Van Dung and young actors Viet Anh, Dinh Tu, Quynh Kool, Thanh Huong… also bring sublimation to People’s Artist Thu Ha when juggling according to the character’s emotions.

In the final episodes of the drama, there will be dramatic developments or a placid ending as the audience has been waiting for. On the sidelines of the backstage with the film crew, Vietnam Fashion magazine talked with “Golden leaf jade” for a while to understand more about Mode and her perspective in life.

What is your opinion on fashion?

Every woman loves fashion and I am no exception. Only fashion thing

with me according to the situation and feelings.

What style are you in?

My style is very diverse. I like the unconstrained youthfulness but at the age of 51 I like the fresh and natural.

What is the secret for People’s Artist Thu Ha to keep her face radiant and balanced?

Many people think that I spend money on cutlery and spend a lot of time on aesthetics and beauty. But in reality, I am a natural person. Knowing your health to adjust nutrition properly, arranging logical work to combine work and family, taking care of your own facial skin properly and getting enough sleep are things that everyone takes care of themselves. if you are conscious.

What accessories do you like?

I’m a glasses enthusiast, probably because my face is easy to wear glasses, so almost every picture of me when I look at it, I still see that I’m wearing glasses (laughs). Sunglasses not only keep my middle aged wrinkled eyes less wrinkled, but sometimes help me look at the audience through a more objective lens to observe their emotions. In addition, I also like belts because it makes me more feminine and changes clothes quickly but still easy to coordinate.

People’s Artist Thu Ha always attaches importance to fashion and understands the evolution of fashion so as not to fall behind.

Older artists can’t help but mention NSUT Duc Trung, my father-in-law in Sunflower Against the Sun (laughs) who often chooses delicate and suitable costumes for the scene, the late People’s Artist Hoang Dung, my big brother. about the thoughtfulness of the outfit and the careful selection of each accessory.

Women have People’s Artist Le Khanh with elegant costumes of Ha Thanh women and a collection of headscarves with a personality. Young people really have the advantage of appearance like Viet Anh, Dinh Tu, Manh Truong… especially for women, I highly appreciate actress Hong Diem with delicate but very simple and situational costumes. . Fashion is really important to everyone. As artists, we also have to attach more importance to fashion and understand the evolution of fashion so as not to fall behind.

What’s the difference between costumes on film and stage compared to real life?

I am fortunate to work in the young and dynamic environment of the Hanoi Opera House, so I can learn from the talents and freshness of my colleagues. They help me keep up with the trend so that the roles are also more “life” and “quality”. On stage or in movies, we have people in charge of costumes, so we can give our full attention to the role.

The last scenes of “Sunflower against the sun” are about to close, and I just had time to summarize happily to see that Bach Cuc also had to change thousands of costumes. Each scene, mood and role has different requirements, so the costumes, hair, accessories and charisma… will help support the actor a lot for the role. In real life, it’s okay to wear trendy and youthful costumes, but when you role-play and live with the character, it seems that the costumes help you transform yourself in the most serious way.

Can you share with Vietnam Fashion about your upcoming plans?

I am happy to receive a different role compared to the Golden Winged Jade Leaf, which was still custom-made before. And in the future, if I can accept roles that are difficult to show many aspects of life, it is also a way for me to bring many different messages of life closer to the audience.

For People’s Artist Thu Ha, catching up with fashion trends, the roles will be more “life” and “quality”

So, is the role of Bach Cuc in “Sunflower against the sun” a role that takes a lot of time for her?

At first, it was a bit difficult for me to play the role because the outside personality was gentle, not harsh and fierce like Bach Cuc. The director, NSUT Vu Truong Khoa and the crew supported me a lot in acting, adjusting my voice accordingly. Sometimes, I feel tired and stressed, making my co-stars tired too. Khoa is a psychologist, reminding himself to go out for a breath of fresh air.

Are you afraid that Bach Cuc will be criticized by the audience for being older than you in real life?

In order to have this successful makeover, I also had a hard time expressing the character’s mood. How to act to be a sharp, powerful and not lacking woman is really not easy. I have to accept my appearance that is older than my real life. But that’s the artist’s happiness when the audience accepts it

Thank you to People’s Artist Thu Ha for the recent conversation!

Post: Thanh Huong – Quynh Chi

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