Throughout the photo shoot, there were plump similes “So beautiful, Silk, this is how beautiful my mother is…” making the whole crew admire the funny father and a perfect family. That is the system of memory that Vietnam Fashion had the opportunity to meet to create a special collection with the family of designer Le Minh Khoa and model Hoang Men and daughter who just turned 18. After more than 10 years of separation, From the halo, they hide themselves to approach art autonomously and naturally. Like his way of life, he wishes to convey the optimistic spirit of the Flower and Clouds collection to the readers of Vietnam Fashion Magazine.

Collection of Flowers and Clouds in a fairy garden-like setting. There, art and nature become inseparable soul mates. At the same time, nature also becomes a place to heal negative emotions and nurture creativity. When placed in a poetic space, the luxurious evening dresses become sweet, dreamy, passionate, flexible, showing off the gentle and beautiful figure of a woman.

And a short conversation was quickly conducted by a Vietnam Fashion reporter with a special guest in an interesting photo session:

After a long time returning to collaborate with Vietnam Fashion, how do you feel about designer Minh Khoa?

After a long time returning to work, one of the things that makes me emotional is the relationship, intimacy, and attachment to Vietnamese Fashion from the past decades and this comeback is not just a series of events. Costumes, picture slots that are also hidden strength from within are the motivation and professional courage that I want to convey to young people and my children.

Why did you choose the concept of Fairy Garden for your comeback with Vietnam Fashion?

In the current epidemic situation, I want to send a message about nature, through nature we can feel human emotions when standing in front of nature, you will feel optimistic, love life and live. a more meaningful and better life.

What inspired your designs in this collection?

My family inspired this collection and I put my emotions into every design, every detail so I can see the positive energy.

After the success, what do you want now?

I want my family, like my children, to inherit what I didn’t have and had. I impart to them work, art, life values, and emotional nourishment. Until now, I always promote and transmit that energy in my life and in my family.

Fashion is for happiness don’t you think? And what do you do to keep fashion happy?

As a designer, I care about happiness and perfect beauty in designs. Especially in my work, I am always a perfectionist, my clients understand that and they feel the value in the clothes I create. It is a unique mark that is the opening for the whole family to harmonize in the artistic path.

It’s hard to find information, your designs on social networks? Why did you choose to close yourself in the open world like today?

I used to live a closed life and lean more towards family life to find true values ​​in art and design to give my children a better foundation in the future.

Do you think that brings a complete happiness, a complete family even in work and daily life?

Only then will you truly sublimate from work to family life.

Let’s enjoy the Flower and Clouds collection with Fashion!

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