Speaking of Northern Europe, people will think of the image of white snow with thick hats to fight the polar cold. Although, the classic suit community is not as large as in the UK or Italy, but people in Northern Europe also create a unique feature that is unmistakable in the world dress.

What influences Nordic style?

Nordic is often referred to as a region of countries in Northern Europe including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. There are two things that directly affect the Nordic people and are evident in the design and architecture of that region, the lifestyle and the nature here. Nordic style has characteristics such as elegant and neat lines, there is always a balance between functionality and aesthetics in the design language. Emphasize simplicity and always keep details in a layout. These characteristics are very evident in the design, architecture, interior and also in the topic of this article which is about classic men’s suits.

People in Northern Europe create an unmistakable unique feature in the world dress.

A little Nordic spice

Minimalist fashion, comfort and convenience are always preferred by Nordic people

Nordic people often like minimalist fashion, comfort and convenience,  but at the same time they are always curious about new things. I think that’s what makes the Nordic style harmonious but always has its own characteristics, they start from classical values ​​and add generous spices to suit their individual egos. Deeper in the style of suit, the Nordic inherits the classic British style mixed with a little influence from Italian culture.

The British style has a strong influence on the world’s Western European community, and with so much in common in terms of geography, weather, and distance, the Nordic community is more influenced by the British style than the English style. IDEA. From there, the British style was the foundation, and the Nordic people adapted it and added a few touches from the Italian style, in a moderate dose to create the Nordic style.

The dress itself is not living, but it is social and can very well reflect the lifestyle of the wearer. So the Nordic people are very conscious in choosing the flamboyant details for the outfit, which is very typical in the Italian style.

You may have heard about Lagom –  the Swedish philosophy of life that emphasizes balance, moderation and moderation. Whether in work, life or dress, just enough is best instead of being too dominant. In Northern Europe, you will rarely see guys wearing outstanding suits, mixing many patterns or using many accessories at once such as many bracelets, watches, pins, or canes as usual. found in Italy.

Wear earth-tone like a Nordic

The moderation in colors in costumes has created a unique feature in classic suit

A great way to control color in clothing, which has created a unique feature in classic Nordic suits, is to use earth tones and neutral colors. Earth tone includes colors derived from natural elements such as earth, moss, trees, sky, leaves, stones, pebbles, etc. Common colors are brown, gray, beige or olive green. Dressed like a Nordic, the items on the outfit are usually not too contrasting with each other, most will follow a certain color or even monochrome. Again it is the direct influence of the geographical location and environmental landscape here. Nature is an important part of life, harmony with the environment and nature is emphasized.

Forget heavy textures, fabric surfaces matter!

The fabric surface is the focal point

As mentioned above, the Nordic style is very limited in color and texture, instead the fabric surface is the focal point. Suits with clean cuts, no frills, with diverse fabrics are the voice of the community here. As winter lengthens, thicker materials with more distinctive surfaces are used. Flannel, tweed, velvet, woolen or cashmere are combined, creating a quiet elegance that is true Nordic.

Layering like a Nordic

More than just three-piece suits with waistcoats, all kinds of sweaters used subtly

Clothing in harmony with the environment and nature, Nordic people know how to dress appropriately for the long winter. More than just three-piece suits with waistcoats, sweaters are used subtly. Whether it’s a cardigan, cardigan, or life jacket, the middle layer is always used to keep warm and create a certain highlight for the outfit. The interweaving of tones and different fabric surfaces are utilized to create accents for the overall look.

Turtleneck sweaters are used a lot especially when it gets cold. Wearing turtlenecks with a suit or blazer is a comfortable yet elegant option. Besides, when the suit or blazer is not enough to keep the body warm, the outerwear will be the ultimate weapon, so it must be aesthetically pleasing. And finally, Nordic people always avoid big prints but will focus on fabric quality, style and fit.


Selected for balance with the surrounding environment and climate, earthy colors are commonly used. Choose quality surfaces over striking textures. Create accents by layering patches of color and texture. And finally, focus on outerwear.

Post: Vince Huong

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