The art of simplicity

  • Rustic & sustainable: The group of original raw materials in the color system. Thick, rough surface, distinct woven structure, large checkered plate. Double-sided jersey construction, 3D effect, provides a warm, safe, genderless and sustainable look.
  • Streamlined & Contemporary: The surface has a simple, non-gender structure. Both sides can be used, slight stretch for comfort and ease of movement. Basic neutral color system, throughout the season. Focus on Jersey, #matelasse, fleece, felt and classic sports materials.

Private garden

  • The walk: Natural, cocoon-shaped outerwear gives a feeling of warmth and security, close to being made by skilled tailors living in a small town. #ratiné weave with ruffled surface, convex surface, thick tweed, large checkered print and natural palette of ochre, slate grey, winter silver green and faded pink.
  • Fireside: A feeling of peace and warmth. The surface is reminiscent of handwoven, checkerboard inspired by salvaged splicing, tapestry-like textures, low density, vintage prints, knits and hand-drawn floral prints. There is a contrast of textile texture and surface that provides an effect that is both worn, worn and smooth, shiny.


  • Sports style: This is the age of the interplay between natural values ​​and technology, digital. Innovative fabrics are inspired by a combination of technology, providing a sporty look and futuristic perspective. Highly reflective, reflective, glossy, shifting and metallic finish. Digital colors range from pastels like tech pink and purple to shimmering metallics.
  • Street style: The surface effect is both natural and artificial. The pink-orange color scheme gives a warm, natural feel on the fancy iridescent surface for a futuristic feel. Delicate twill and ribbed weave, combined with metallic metallic yarns, create an effect that is both satiny and penetrating. Inspiration from mineral surfaces leads to new innovative surface weaves.
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